Just finished adding a few more photos from yesterday to the Melges 24 gallery. Here's the link: www.sail22photography.com/Sailing-Photography/Melges-24/Key-West-Race-Week-2011-M24/ Enjoy!
-8:57 AM

Individual Recall. Should shake things up.
-9:36 AM

Fleet is mostly right.
-9:36 AM

Dawn Raid, Red and Fantastica have gybed out.
-9:36 AM

Hard to tell who will lead. Top boats are right and left
-9:39 AM

French Zig Zag looks good
-9:39 AM

Audi close behind Zig Zag
-9:40 AM

Zig Zag will lead
-9:41 AM

Very spread out. Top teams have a lot of digging out to do.
-9:44 AM

Course change to 195
-9:45 AM

Teams are gybing out tying to find passing lanes.
-9:46 AM

Blu Moon might be the new leader
-10:07 AM

Right side looks good
-10:08 AM

Tight group here
-10:09 AM

Blu Moon has a big lead and being followed down last leg. No one gybed yet.
-10:12 AM

Blu Moon has a big win here.
-10:20 AM

Start of Race 9 in 10 minutes.
-10:21 AM

Tight finishes
-10:23 AM

R flag down soon. Next race coming
-10:25 AM