Right side looks good. Boats spread out. Breeze is light.
-12:22 PM

Hedgehog, Uka and Battle Rhythm look good
-12:25 PM

Hedgehog leads
-12:26 PM

Air Force One first to gybe
-12:29 PM

Course change to 215
-12:30 PM

Blu Moon must have headed in with this event wrapped up.
-12:31 PM

Back of the fleet gybing.
-12:32 PM

Change of course at the gate. New course 215
-12:40 PM

Breeze has lightened.
-12:40 PM

Heading to the finish. Light air has made things tough. It's a gybe set to the finish.
-1:01 PM

WTF is requesting redress
-1:12 PM

Samba requesting redress
-1:13 PM

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-1:20 PM