AP up
-10:30 AM

AP down . 45 seconds to warning
-10:37 AM

RC is planning an AP at 10:30 on the water. Breeze is shifting, but about 6-8 knots. Moving the course currently.
-10:24 AM

RC is moving the race course due to some shifting breeze. Plan is to put up the AP at 1030.
-10:25 AM

In sequence.
-10:37 AM

B-303 and M-25 over early.
-10:44 AM

Better pressure on the left side of the course.
-10:50 AM

Breeze is down a bit.
-10:52 AM

E-16 owns the right side of the course.
-10:54 AM

LL-18 leading out of the left.
-10:59 AM

Fleet is all over the course coming downwind. LL18 still looking good.
-11:10 AM

New leader with Mark Prange at the top mark.
-11:40 AM

Setting up for Race 3 now.
-11:53 AM