RC still on station. Fleet hedging back home. Eager for tonight's party no doubt!
-4:56 PM

Racing abandoned for the day after a decent wait on the water. We give them credit for trying! Off to the dinner tonight. Check out the photo and blog at http://sail22.com/c-scow-nationals-2011-photo-gallery/
-6:53 PM

Race 4 is underway. LF 1 was over early.
-9:37 AM

E2 & T11 aren'/t able to make it to the start.
-9:38 AM

Course change again at the leward mark. Ben Porter & Peter Keck still with the lead.
-9:55 AM

Ben Porter & Peter Keck with a nice lead at the top mark!
-10:07 AM

B1 port-starboard with I45. B1 on port. A bit of a t-bone. B-1 should be diong some circles...
-10:10 AM

Heading to the finish. Caught as much of the action at the top mark.
-10:14 AM