Race committee is moving and getting ready to set the line for Race 5.
-10:40 AM

About to go in sequence.
-10:51 AM

Now in sequence.
-10:51 AM

4 minutes.
-10:52 AM

One minute.
-10:55 AM

General recall. Going right into sequence again. B303 was dragging the fleet with them.
-10:57 AM

In sequence.
-10:59 AM

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-10:59 AM

4 minutes.
-11:00 AM

I Flag start. RC is threatening to dust off the black flag if their are any problems with this one.
-11:01 AM

RC planning to call as many as possible over to avoid a General Recall.
-11:02 AM

CL 10 over at the 1 minute.
-11:03 AM

General recall. Black flag start next.
-11:04 AM

In sequence. This will be a black flag start.
-11:07 AM

Black flagged at the start. MO-6, M-25, CL-10, IC-3
-11:13 AM

I -45 with a nice lead at the top mark.
-11:24 AM

Breeze has lightened up.
-11:31 AM

Change of lead at the leeward. Paul Reilly takes the lead!
-11:35 AM

T9 just cut off SL68 at the mark
-11:41 AM

A-14 & I-45 are close at the top mark.
-11:47 AM

Fleet is pretty spread out. Big gaps between the top 5 and the rest of the fleet.
-11:49 AM

W9 was asked to leave the racing as they were black flagged at the start per the RC.
-11:53 AM

Right side of the course with more pressure coming into the mark.
-11:54 AM

B17 ducks A77 at the mark.
-11:56 AM

Big gap between first two boats, then 3rd & 4th., another gab to 5th and then 6th and the rest of the fleet is way back.
-12:01 PM

Andy Burdick's & Paul Reilly's boats have split, but Andy is now heading back. Andy looks better going back.
-12:04 PM

A little bit of a tacking duel. A-14 crossed I-45 when they met and they have split again.
-12:06 PM

We're headed to the finish to catch the winner since the fleet is so far back.
-12:06 PM

Reilly with a much better angle. Andy was knocked pretty hard. They are coming back to meet. Reilly has gone back on starboard with a small lead.
-12:08 PM

Looks like Andy Burdick & Chris have the race and are the 2011 C Scow Nationals Champions!!!!
-12:12 PM

Will update final results from the race committee and post soon.
-12:29 PM

Headed back to the dock to organize the haul out and awards.
-12:29 PM