Convexity gybed Heritage gybed at same time
-11:40 AM

Boats are heading to the beach. Umpires have the boats overlapped.
-11:41 AM

Convexity gybed. Heritage still headingbto the beach
-11:44 AM

Current on RC was from North which would be against the boats downwind
-11:45 AM

Both boats heading on port gybe. Lower angle for Heritage
-11:46 AM

Convexity looks to be lifted a little and just gybed.
-11:47 AM

Boats are coming at each other. Will try to get a video.
-11:48 AM

Heritage on port as they come back. Both gybed away instead of crossing. Racing is tight!
-11:49 AM

Convexity gybed back. Both boats on Port gybe now heading to the beach.
-11:51 AM

Good speed for Convexity now. A little higher. Lots of separation now
-11:51 AM

Heritage just gybed back. Teams will converge
-11:52 AM

Gain by Convexity this time.
-11:52 AM

Umpire called it a 7 length advantage to Convexity
-11:53 AM

Convexity gybed up under Heritage and leading back left
-11:54 AM

New call is a two boatlength lead for convexity
-11:54 AM

Light air gybed are deadly
-11:55 AM

Heritage gybing first. Convexity continues
-11:55 AM

Boats split. Leeward mark soon.
-11:56 AM

Convexity gybed close to layline
-11:57 AM

Heritage gybed to mark
-11:57 AM

Nice lead for convexity
-11:58 AM

Boats have a right shift now. Big lead for convexity
-11:59 AM

Heritage tacked and Convexity covering
-12:00 PM

The delta was 44 seconds. Big lead for Convexity.
-12:04 PM

Not much going on now as teams head right with each other
-12:05 PM

New video just went up on the distance. Check it out at link bottom right.
-12:06 PM

Full hiking for both boats. Heritage looks to be more powered up.
-12:07 PM

Both boats still heading right. Heritage just tacked
-12:08 PM

Convexity followed.
-12:09 PM

Both boats just tacked back led by heritage.
-12:09 PM

Heritage back on starboard. No cover
-12:09 PM

Bowman up on the bow of Heritage. Not sure if there was an issue at the douse.
-12:10 PM

Heritage tacked followed by Convexity. Both opposite now
-12:11 PM

Convexity very powered up. Almost to layline.
-12:12 PM

Convexity tacked and heading on final approach
-12:12 PM

Both boats gybed after rounding the mark.
-12:14 PM

Both boats on starboard gybe similar to last time. Quick gybes.
-12:16 PM

Heritage looks to have pulled forward with better pressure tacking a bite out og Convexity's lead.
-12:17 PM

RC is Resetting the finish line currently.
-12:19 PM

Both boats are continuing on starboard downwind to the finish.
-12:21 PM

Heritage has a little more speed over Convexity.
-12:22 PM

Boats are clear by one boat length. Breeze has gone left.
-12:23 PM

Heritage has gained back some of the distance with the pressure on the left. Anybody's game.
-12:24 PM

2.5 boat lengths clear by Heritage.
-12:24 PM

Still continuing on starboard approaching lay line but need a cross for Heritage to pass
-12:26 PM

Gybe by heritage. Lots of yelling.
-12:26 PM

-12:26 PM

Double gybe by heritage. Both on port now. Heading to finish.
-12:27 PM

Convexity got a puff.
-12:27 PM

Convexity gybed to the finish and takes race 1.
-12:29 PM