Heritage just made some rig tuning changes.
-12:34 PM

Lunch break and debriefs going on for both teams. No update on the next start time.
-12:35 PM

Course is shifting back to around 200 but 40 degree shifts.
-12:43 PM

RC working on new course. Convexity has jib up pushing for race 2 to get going.
-12:50 PM

A little update on the team members. Convexity is owned by Don Wilson and his crew is Steve Hunt, Eric Doyle, Jeff Reynolds, James Williamson, Jennifer Wilson, Michael Bradley, Michael Hoey, Chris Poole, Erik Shampain and coached by Ed Adams.
-12:57 PM

Team Heritage is skippered by Bob Hughes with Morgan Larson, Warwick Fleury, Sean Couvreau, Willem Van Waay, Will Ryan, Matt Noreen, Nate Reynolds, Dave Sly Jr., Bill Sleeman and coached by Morgan Reeser.
-1:00 PM

Still working on a race course for Race 2. Nothing steady yet. Both teams are sailing.
-1:01 PM

The Canadian Team on Vincere just sailed out to check things out.
-1:03 PM

Looking to set course at 185
-1:04 PM

Just an FYI - all course will be a course 4 which is 4 legs.
-1:06 PM

Just an FYI - all course will be a course 4 which is 4 legs.
-1:14 PM

RC fired off some prep horns. Racing soon.
-1:14 PM

Course is set up at 190
-1:14 PM

Foxtrot is up. Convexity on starboard side this start.
-1:15 PM

Teams entering soon
-1:16 PM

Convexity was very tight on the line.
-1:18 PM

Boats ate entered
-1:18 PM

Dial up. Convexity to right
-1:19 PM

Both head to wind
-1:19 PM

Convexity bailed right first. Heritage following.
-1:19 PM

Both boats heading right. Convexity leading.
-1:20 PM

Gybe down by Convexity. Heritage followed
-1:21 PM

Overlap is clear. Heritage tacks. Split start.
-1:22 PM

Convexity at the pin. Heritage wins the boat.
-1:23 PM

Convexity tacked back and both boats are heading to the right.
-1:23 PM

Heritage higher and faster. Convexity with dogs in the house. Heritage with everyone on deck.
-1:24 PM

Heritage tacks to cover.
-1:24 PM

First cross coming up.
-1:25 PM

3/4 clear. Heritage tacks and Convexity tacks away.
-1:26 PM

Large spectator fleet. Convexity waving one off.
-1:26 PM

Heritage tacked followed by Convexity. Another cross potential coming.
-1:27 PM

Convexity has pace after slow out of the tack.
-1:28 PM

Lee bow by Convexity. Made gains. Heritage tacked back right.
-1:28 PM

Heritage tacked back to starboard. Bad angle. Convexity looks to have taken the lead.
-1:29 PM

Convexity is consistently higher and faster.
-1:31 PM

Both boats close to starboard lay line heading to the mark. Big lead for Convexity.
-1:32 PM

Charlie flag up at the weather mark. A big shift that Convexity made big gains on.
-1:34 PM

Breeze has shifted back a little but Convexity already made their gains.
-1:35 PM

Heritage lifted now and making some gains back.
-1:36 PM

Convexity by a boat length.
-1:37 PM

Convexity by a few boat lengths. Both continuing on port gybe.
-1:38 PM

Heritage gybed out.
-1:40 PM

Convexity continued. Boats split far apart.
-1:41 PM

Boats coming at each other. Convexity very slow out of the gybe
-1:42 PM

Course was changed so they will be heading to 040. Weather mark changed 030.
-1:43 PM

Heritage just crossed by 2 boat lengths.
-1:43 PM

Heritage looks fast now.
-1:44 PM

Roll gybe by Convexity.
-1:44 PM

Boats heading down on port. A bit of a header taking them down.
-1:46 PM

Heritage approaching lay line.
-1:47 PM

Convexity is a bit inside but heritage is forward a leading.
-1:48 PM

Heritage gybing for mark
-1:48 PM

Gybing in light air is really slow. Boats opposite now.
-1:49 PM

Heritage on starboard crossing Convexity and headed to the bottom mark.
-1:50 PM

Course change. No pole after the gybe for Heritage.
-1:51 PM

Convexity with a much nicer rounding and slides inside.
-1:52 PM

Convexity tacks.
-1:52 PM

Convexity complaining about a spectator boat. Pulled red flag. CMRC PR intern is in the boat they have issues with
-1:57 PM

Both boats heading right.
-1:58 PM

Heritage is up the course but Convexity is farther right. Mark is hard right.
-1:59 PM

Heritage looks slow with no one on the rail
-2:00 PM

Convexity has crew on the rail but no one hiking and lower.
-2:00 PM

Just an FYI you can go back to each mark to see the leader and delta. Heritage led by 18 seconds at last mark.
-2:02 PM

Convexity tacked. Heritage still has a comfortable lead.
-2:03 PM

Heritage heading right and convexity left. Better angle for Heritage.
-2:04 PM

Pressure looks right which Heritage is heading for it. Convexity tacked that way too and following.
-2:07 PM

Heritage tacked to starboard heading to cover mark. Nice lead still.
-2:08 PM

Nice breeze just left of the mark linng up for a gybe set.
-2:08 PM

Heritage connecting the dots staying in pressure and keeping Convexity in check.
-2:10 PM

Heritage approaching top mark.
-2:11 PM

Huge lead on Convexity. Great job by tactician, Morgan Larson, playing the shifts up the course.
-2:13 PM

Convexity approaching the mark. They'll need to tack still.
-2:14 PM

Heritage has gybed.
-2:14 PM

Final approach for Convexity.
-2:15 PM

Gybe set for convexity
-2:16 PM

Both boats heading to the beach. Heritage in better pressure
-2:18 PM

Both boats are on the long gybe. Pressure is up and down. Teams just trying to stay in it.
-2:19 PM

Almost a straight shot at the finish now. But the light air has proved that anything can happen.
-2:21 PM

A 3rd race today is still an option.
-2:21 PM

Convexity has breeze now from behind and gaining on Heritage's 3+ minute delta at last mark.
-2:22 PM

Boats are still slowly working their way down to the finish. Speeds are changing based on who has the pressure at that moment.
-2:25 PM

Convexity has gybed. Heritage still has a substantial lead. Convexity gybed back again.
-2:29 PM

3.5 Knots of breeze at the RC boat.
-2:30 PM

Canadians are practicing close to shore.
-2:30 PM

Heritage sailing lower with pace now. Almost making line.
-2:31 PM

Convexity gybed and Heritage gybed in a puff towards RC boat.
-2:31 PM

Heritage will win race 2
-2:32 PM

Heritage takes Race 2. Lots of cheers from the home crowd.
-2:33 PM

Convexity still heading to the finish.
-2:34 PM

Waiting to see if there will be a third race today.
-2:35 PM

Canadians are practicing close to shore.
-2:36 PM

The earliest a third race can start is at 2:52pm.
-2:37 PM

Heritage won race 2 with a delta of 1:42.
-2:38 PM

Did you know? The US has won the Canada's Cup 13 times and Canada has won it 9 times.
-2:40 PM

The photo gallery and Day 1 wrap-up blog are now posted on www.Sail22.com . Stop by and check them out!
-5:14 PM