Breeze is at 030 and about 7 knots.
-10:15 AM

Breeze is shifting between 030 to 050 at the top of the course.
-10:30 AM

Course is getting set at 040 and a distance of 1.2 Nautical Miles.
-10:32 AM

RC is now seeing the left breeze. No pin set yet.
-10:37 AM

Course getting shifted to 035 and 1.35NM. Under 20 minutes to start.
-10:41 AM

Pin is getting square to 030 showing a different wind at the bottom.
-10:42 AM

Teams are chomping at the bit. Pin is getting set now. Should be in sequence soon.
-10:56 AM

Heritage will be starting on starboard as the teams rotate sides each race.
-10:57 AM

Pin is set. Under 2 minutes.
-10:58 AM

Teams are heading to their sides for the start.
-10:59 AM

Foxtrot is up.
-11:00 AM

Boats approaching the start box
-11:01 AM

Convexity was a little late. Dial up now.
-11:03 AM

Still dialed
-11:04 AM

Convexity slow and out. Heritage pushing to right.
-11:05 AM

Pushing downwind. Heritage broke off to line
-11:06 AM

Heritage got bow out. Convexity tacked followed by heritage.
-11:08 AM

Convexity gained a little separation. Both boats heading right. Heritage to weather.
-11:09 AM

Another big spectator fleet. PRO Barb Gamache has warned to fleet to keep a safe distance away.
-11:10 AM

More pressure as the boats head to beach. Convexity is working up in the puffs better. Teams are even.
-11:11 AM

Convexity is now working up in front of Heritage making great gains.
-11:12 AM

Tight racing but no real advantage for either team now.
-11:12 AM

Heritage tacked away. Convexity going now.
-11:13 AM

Heritage looks higher now but slight advantage to Convexity being right.
-11:14 AM

Convexity is looking more overpowered with more heel.
-11:15 AM

Both teams have a full crew hiking.
-11:15 AM

Looking ahead at the weather mark both teams mint be in lay line. Advantage to Heritage if this is the case.
-11:17 AM

Weather mark boat is seeing wind as far right as 075
-11:18 AM

Heritage is sailing much flatter and looking to make gains.
-11:19 AM

Herding sheep out here as the spectator fleet is trying to be close.
-11:20 AM

Course change at the top mark.
-11:21 AM

Both boats are overstood
-11:22 AM

Bad set on Heritage. No chute
-11:22 AM

Chute back up
-11:23 AM

Big gain for Convexity on the error. Convexity gybed away.
-11:23 AM

Boats are split now. Convexity gybing back
-11:24 AM

Heritage now gybing towards Convexity.
-11:24 AM

Heritage will be on starboard at the next cross.
-11:24 AM

Convexity gybed in front of Heritage.
-11:25 AM

Both boats on starboard with Convexity leading. No flag on the gybe.
-11:26 AM

Convexity leading but can't cross Heritage yet
-11:27 AM

Convexity now clear ahead. Might be able to gybe. Heritage trying to get on their wind.
-11:28 AM

Convexity making gains and should be able to gybe. Both boats slow.
-11:30 AM

Convexity is gybing. Heritage continuing.
-11:30 AM

Gybe back by convexity
-11:31 AM

Heritage gybed at convexity
-11:31 AM

Heritage crossed behind. Looking to set up on starboard.
-11:32 AM

Heritage gybed on lay line on starboard.
-11:32 AM

Tight mark rounding. Clean and early for Heritage. Late drop but leading for Convexity.
-11:34 AM

Heritage tacked around the mark.
-11:34 AM

Boats are split. Nice pressure and clean air for Heritage. Convexity has a lot of spectator boats to go through.
-11:35 AM

Convexity just tacked. Both boats on port heading right to beach.
-11:35 AM

Convexity looks higher but less breeze. Lots of separation.
-11:36 AM

Heritage going for more inhauler looking for more height.
-11:37 AM

No change of course last time. Orange weather mark is looking pretty far right as teams push that way.
-11:38 AM

Full hiking again for both boats.
-11:39 AM

Heritage is tacking. Good angle
-11:39 AM

Hard to tell from here who is leading. Cross is a bit away.
-11:40 AM

Convexity looks to be leading still. No one on the lay line yet.
-11:41 AM

Shifty breeze
-11:41 AM

Convexity leads by about 3 boat lengths on the cross.
-11:41 AM

Boats are still split. Convexity tacking now
-11:42 AM

Spectator fleet is growing. Let's hope it isn't an issue.
-11:43 AM

Boats are drag racing to the left lay line now.
-11:43 AM

Once again Convexity is more heeled. Boats seem to be coming together a little as Heritage is sailing higher, slower and flatter.
-11:45 AM

Heritage just tacked at convexity
-11:46 AM

Convexity tacked on them and Heritage tacked back. Split now.
-11:46 AM

Tacking dual as both boats tacked together.
-11:46 AM

No gain. Both started to tack and then Heritage held.
-11:47 AM

Gain Heritage. Overlap and could have Convexity pinned.
-11:47 AM

Heritage tacked away. Now Convexity.
-11:47 AM

Overlapped. Heritage going head to wind. Slowing everything down. Heritage huge move.
-11:49 AM

Heritage trying to keep them from the mark. No overlap by Convexity at the mark rounding.
-11:50 AM

Convexity seemed to have a pole issue in the set.
-11:51 AM

Both boats have gybed.
-11:51 AM

Convexity is soakng more. Pole issue seems fine.
-11:52 AM

Race to the finish.
-11:52 AM

Finish line is to the left so both boats will need to gybe.
-11:54 AM

Awesome video just uploaded of the weather mark move. Check it out at the link bottom right.
-11:54 AM

Convexity protecting the inside trying to get in a position to fend off a gybe By Heritage.
-11:55 AM

Still working their way down the course on starboard. Two boat lengths separate the two.
-11:58 AM

Great racing here. I will definitely be watching that video again.
-11:59 AM

Both boats gybed initiated by Heritage.
-12:00 PM

Look to be laying the boat end.
-12:00 PM

Convexity gybed. Heritage continues.
-12:01 PM

Boat end looks favored. Finish soon.
-12:01 PM

Heritage wins race 3 to go up 2-1
-12:02 PM

Minimum 20 minutes between races. Will update soon. Pin is still set for now.
-12:08 PM

060 heading right now. 1.5NM length.
-12:08 PM

Convexity also has bowman Erik Shampain making changes.
-12:14 PM