Still very patchy. It is looking more encouraging now.
-11:07 AM

Still very patchy. It is looking more encouraging now.
-11:08 AM

L flag was just hoisted. Recovery is underway in search of wind.
-11:25 AM

Weather mark boat is seeing 4 knots right now.
-11:25 AM

Spectator boat is packed watching both teams heading left to the beach.
-10:38 AM

Vincere taking
-10:39 AM

Heritage tacked on him.
-10:39 AM

Heritage leading to the right now. Almost right in front of Vincere.
-10:40 AM

Heritage is legging out a bit. Breeze is staying steady.
-10:41 AM

Heritage jib trimmer Willem Van Waay is making adjustments.
-10:43 AM

Top of the course is showing a little right.
-10:43 AM

Vincere tacked with Heritage covering.
-10:43 AM

Very lumpy so I apologize for any typos.
-10:44 AM

Top of course keeps getting breeze bumping to 200 at times.
-10:45 AM

Heritage appears to have a 5 boat length lead.
-10:46 AM

RC isn't looking at a course change at this time.
-10:47 AM

Great hiking by both teams
-10:49 AM

Both teams continuing on starboard heading left not too far off lay line. Heritage is to weather and both bows are even.
-10:50 AM

Almost to the top mark.
-10:51 AM

Sincere tacked on layline
-10:51 AM

Nice lead for heritage. Both teams set pretty clean and conservative.
-10:52 AM

Both teams continuing on port. Small kite breaking on Vincere.
-10:55 AM

Heritage to leeward a little as Vincere tries to gain some advantage and block some wind.
-10:56 AM

Course change for mark 3 being set up at 190
-10:57 AM

Headsail change on Heritage.
-10:57 AM

Most likely the sail change was to get something better for the lump as the breeze isn't changing much
-10:59 AM

Canadians just switched their jib to the port side
-10:59 AM

Course downwind now is about 020
-11:00 AM

Heritage is gybing
-11:01 AM

Change of course.
-11:01 AM

Nice mark rounding by both teams. Vincere tacks right away. They like the right.
-11:02 AM

Heritage is going to let them go.
-11:03 AM

Teams still split. Not sure the thoughts on Heritage for not covering yet.
-11:04 AM

Vincere just tacked back.
-11:05 AM

Their is darker water out left with Heritage. No word on any current.
-11:05 AM

Heritage just tacked back going at Vincere. It was about a 3 length lead. We will see soon.
-11:06 AM

Heritage has a great angle now and are looking very smart.
-11:07 AM

Heritage at least tripled their lead.
-11:07 AM

Heritage now continuing right which is where to breeze has been shifting.
-11:08 AM

Breeze is up. Boats still haven't crossed. Heritage just tacked back to cover bow ahead and 10+ boat lengths to weather. Very strong position.
-11:09 AM

Both teams continuing on starboard. Breeze at 215 now. Might be a course change.
-11:10 AM

Finish line will be moved. Course change at mark 3. New weather is 210. 030 heading down.
-11:12 AM

Vincere has tacked onto port followed by Heritage.
-11:15 AM

Nice lead for heritage. Both teams set pretty clean and conservative.
-11:15 AM

Both boats have tacked twice. Coverage issues here.
-11:16 AM

Heritage now on Layline with pole up
-11:16 AM

Heritage has gybed.
-11:19 AM

Boats are split now. Heritage heading to shore trying to wrap up race 1
-11:20 AM

Heritage has gybed back. Both boats on port.
-11:21 AM

Vincere now gybing.
-11:21 AM

Heritage gybed again. They seem to be just positioning themselves between Vincere and the finish.
-11:22 AM

Heritage put over a minute on Vincere on the last upwind leg.
-11:24 AM

Heritage is doing a full headsail flake cleaning up the boat now that they have a comfortable lead.
-11:24 AM

Breeze is up and down in velocity.
-11:26 AM

Heritage gybing for the finish.
-11:27 AM

Great way to start off the Canada's Cup for team Heritage.
-11:28 AM

Canadians dousing as they finish.
-11:29 AM

Some loud horns from Sunquest showing their approval.
-11:30 AM

Final delta was 44 seconds.
-11:31 AM

Heritage is meeting with coach Morgan Reeser for a weather briefing;)
-11:33 AM

It's getting sunnier with cells north and south of us. RC is anticipating 240
-11:34 AM

Jib changing now for Heritage. It looks like Vincere is too. Their coach boat is with them now.
-11:35 AM

Boats are dialed up now. Vincere to the right.
-11:55 AM