RC is working on the new course. 205 will be the new course for race 2
-11:39 AM

Distance will be 1.6NM
-11:40 AM

Less than 5 minutes until the start of the sequence for race 2.
-11:46 AM

Vincere will be on starboard for this start.
-11:47 AM

No jibs up yet for either team.
-11:47 AM

Vincere has been racing with their pole attached to the mast the whole time. Might be a little risking in the Prestart since it sticks out a bit.
-11:49 AM

Start coming up.
-11:50 AM

We are in sequence for race 2 of the Canada's Cup
-11:51 AM

Jib up on Vincere and Heritage's going io now.
-11:52 AM

Teams are on their sides.
-11:52 AM

Teams are circling timing their entry in 1 minute.
-11:53 AM

A little sun out now.
-11:53 AM

Entering. Both a little late.
-11:54 AM

Heritage looking to dial up
-11:54 AM

Still dialed. Jibs luffing. Mains more full
-11:56 AM

Vincere backed jib but then went back into dial up.
-11:57 AM

Very long dial up both boats past pin.
-11:57 AM

Sailing. Vincere pushing to the left
-11:58 AM

Start. Both over and going back
-11:58 AM

Both boats going up to start on port. Slight advantage to Vincere.
-11:59 AM

Heritage tacked away. Not much Vincere could do.
-11:59 AM

Vincere now tacking. Advantage should be to Heritage who has tacked back.
-12:00 PM

First cross. Vincere tacked on Heritage as they tacked away.
-12:00 PM

Vincere had starboard advantage so very tight.
-12:01 PM

Heritage tacked back both boats heading right
-12:02 PM

Vincere is bow out and Heritage to weather as they go right. Vincere was leading. Hard to tell now.
-12:03 PM

Heritage is looking a little lifted. Very lumpy which Heritage skipper Bob Hughes says he likes.
-12:04 PM

Vincere tacked. Cross coming.
-12:05 PM

Vincere looks to have gained.
-12:05 PM

3 boat length cross. No tack. Boats have switched sides.
-12:06 PM

Heritage has tacked now to weather and right
-12:06 PM

Heritage seems to be chasing. They must like the left and trying to keep things close.
-12:08 PM

Boats are both on starboard heading at the mark.
-12:09 PM

This will be a long starboard tack.
-12:10 PM

Drag race now with Vincere taking advantage now.
-12:12 PM

Both teams in full hike mode with more heads down working harder by the trailing Team Heritage.
-12:13 PM

Both boats will have a short lay line run
-12:14 PM

Heritage over stood a little. Hard to call from way out. Nice lead for Vincere
-12:15 PM

Our unofficial delta was 23 seconds at the first mark.
-12:16 PM

Both teams continuing on port gybe
-12:16 PM

Both teams are working their boats hard as they head downwind.
-12:18 PM

Not much Heritage can do with the mark where it is. Long port gybe.
-12:20 PM

Heritage seems to be working down a little.
-12:21 PM

Bow team working on getting the jib around.
-12:22 PM

Charlie flag coming up moving to 220
-12:22 PM

Both teams still working hard. Lots of racing left.
-12:23 PM

Canadians are gybing.
-12:24 PM

Heritage gybed trying to take a piece out of Vincere
-12:24 PM

Jib going up on Vincere
-12:25 PM

Looks like more gybing for Heritage.
-12:25 PM

Pole down in gybe for Heritage.
-12:25 PM

MExican for Heritage and a quick tack.
-12:26 PM

Vincere covered. Both heading right.
-12:27 PM

Very confused seas. Especially near marks.
-12:28 PM

Heritage has just tacked twice to one for Vincere.
-12:29 PM

Boats are split. Heritage heading right
-12:29 PM

Vincere just tacked followed by Heritage.
-12:30 PM

Heritage heading left and Vincere right now.
-12:32 PM

Double tack now. Vincere still looks good.
-12:32 PM

Another double tack. Heritage heading left at Vincere.
-12:34 PM

Vincere's lead looks to be safe for now.
-12:35 PM

Vincere just hipped up on Heritage. Both heading left on long tack.
-12:35 PM

Vincere's bow seams to be a little more stable through the waves.
-12:37 PM

Big gains for Vincere on this leg.
-12:38 PM

Heritage tacked. Vincere holding for now
-12:38 PM

Vincere now tacked. Appeared to be right on Heritage as they tacked away.
-12:39 PM

Split tacks now as the last mark approaches.
-12:39 PM

Heritage tacked back first with Vincere following suite.
-12:40 PM

Boats are split but Vincere is close to lay line.
-12:41 PM

Heritage pushing all the way to starboard layline.
-12:42 PM

Vincere tacking to mark.
-12:42 PM

Heritage did too
-12:42 PM

Set soon. Heritage hoping to block a little.
-12:43 PM

Vincere has to hold on the set to keep clear.
-12:43 PM

Heritage pushing hard even behind a bit.
-12:44 PM

A 46 second Delta for Vincere will tough to lose in these conditions.
-12:46 PM

Both boats holding on port gybe
-12:46 PM

Big pumping of the main in the waves by Vincere
-12:49 PM

Heritage gybed then Vincere.
-12:52 PM

The spectator boat had to head in to drop off some seasick passengers. Proof of the lump.
-12:53 PM

Vincere holding onto their. Will tie up the Canada's Cup at 1-1
-12:54 PM

One more gybe to the finish for Vincere
-12:55 PM

Nice race for Vincere
-12:55 PM

Early douse on heritage.
-12:56 PM

Teams regrouping. Series tied 1-1. RC will reset.
-12:57 PM

Official delta is 57 seconds.
-12:58 PM

Heritage tacked back both boats heading right
-1:19 PM

Heritage did a circle around Vincere.
-1:20 PM

Circling now Heritage heading right getting pushed
-1:20 PM

Heritage tacked onto starboard. Flag on Vincere.
-1:21 PM

Green flag
-1:21 PM

Clean start. Vincere to weather with slight advantage.
-1:23 PM