Jib up on Heritage getting going again.
-1:08 PM

Heritage working on upwind sailing. Vincere sailing under main with coach boat along side.
-1:11 PM

Race 3 sequence coming.
-1:14 PM

Foxtrot is up
-1:15 PM

Heritage will enter from starboard
-1:15 PM

5 minutes
-1:17 PM

Entering box now. Even.
-1:18 PM

Dial up coming
-1:18 PM

Heritage breaking away over the top.
-1:19 PM

Flag on Heritage. Another green
-1:22 PM

Drag race on starboard now.
-1:24 PM

Tack for Heritage. Vincere tacked on them.
-1:25 PM

Heritage tacked back.
-1:25 PM

Vincere protecting right.
-1:25 PM

Vincere tacked back.
-1:26 PM

Heritage just tacked at Vincere.
-1:27 PM

Nice lead for Vincere.
-1:27 PM

Vincere tacked on Heritage who tacked back.
-1:28 PM

Split again.
-1:28 PM

Boats just tacked at each other
-1:28 PM

Vincere is gaining.
-1:29 PM

Split tack again as Vincere keeps pushing Heritage left
-1:29 PM

Heritage tacked back on port. Both heading right
-1:30 PM

Vincere's main seems to backwind less from the jib
-1:30 PM

More right shift at 260 up top.
-1:31 PM

Drag race right now.
-1:32 PM

Heritage looks to have a little lift.
-1:33 PM

Vincere tacked and Heritage tacked underneath.
-1:34 PM

Vincere should be close to layline.
-1:34 PM

Still very choppy out here.
-1:35 PM

Vincere might be overstood with the right shift.
-1:36 PM

Nice lead for Vincere. They look higher than Heritage as they both head towards the mark on starboard.
-1:38 PM

Course change flying at top.
-1:38 PM

Big lead for Vincere.
-1:39 PM

35 second delta as both boats continue on port
-1:40 PM

Both teams still powering downwind on port.
-1:43 PM

Vincere first to gybe.
-1:43 PM

Heritage continuing on port.
-1:44 PM

Heritage just gybed coming out lower than Vincere.
-1:44 PM

The mark is much farther right for this leg.
-1:45 PM

The changed mark is closer to the beach than before.
-1:46 PM

It's now looking like a drag race on starboard.
-1:47 PM

Vincere is gybing back at Heritage.
-1:48 PM

Still a nice lead for Vincere.
-1:48 PM

Jib up very early on Vincere.
-1:49 PM

Heritage has gybed and is hoisting their jib.
-1:51 PM

Heritage tacked at the mark. Vincere also tacks.
-1:52 PM

Heritage tacked back
-1:52 PM

Vincere continuing to the right to protect that side.
-1:53 PM

Boats have crossed paths and still split.
-1:53 PM

Boats are still split as Heritage must like something on the left.
-1:54 PM

Vincere finally tacked to cover
-1:55 PM

Some jib trim tweaks by Willem and one hard hiking as the spectator boat cheers on.
-1:56 PM

Drag race to the left side this time but a big gap between them gauge-wise
-1:58 PM

Heritage has tacked. No gain at all as Vincere looks good in Race 3
-2:00 PM

Vincere just tacked forcing Heritage back left.
-2:01 PM

Vincere tacked back left and Heritage almost immediately went back right.
-2:03 PM

Vincere is covering every move Heritage makes.
-2:03 PM

Vincere's bowman is forward making sure everything is set for a clean final set.
-2:05 PM

Charlie flag is flying once again up at the top course.
-2:06 PM

Heritage tacks back left.
-2:06 PM

Vincere follows closing in on layline near the top
-2:07 PM

Vincere just made their final tack to the mark.
-2:08 PM

Vincere with an hour glass set.
-2:09 PM

They recovered quickly.
-2:09 PM

Big lead for Vincere. Both continue on port.
-2:10 PM

Delta of 1:13 is big. We'll see if they try a 4th race after this with 2 in a row for Canada.
-2:11 PM

Tough conditions now with big lump and medium breeze. The Canadian Olympic sailor on the helm seems to have found his groove.
-2:14 PM

Both boats gybed with Vincere initiating.
-2:15 PM

Vincere will cover all the way down. Breeze is definitely done
-2:16 PM

Breeze Is down a bit.
-2:16 PM

Vincere is holding their big lead.
-2:18 PM

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-2:20 PM

Tough conditions right now. I don't think Team Heritage will want a 4th race. A lot at stake here in tough conditions.
-2:21 PM

Heritage gybed.
-2:22 PM

Vincere followed but on course to finish.
-2:22 PM

Big win for Vincere to go up 2-1
-2:23 PM

Heritage just doused. Trying to regroup before the finish.
-2:23 PM

Definitely frustration showing by giving up before the race is finished.
-2:24 PM

Heritage finished with no headsail.
-2:26 PM

Main down on Heritage and RC pulling anchor now.
-2:27 PM

RC is thinking about calling it a day. 5-6 knots now and lump.
-2:29 PM

Official delta of last race was 2:12
-2:30 PM

RC still discussing 4th race with team reps.
-2:30 PM

Very tough out here now. Breeze is dying and very unstable.
-2:31 PM

Coaches are talking to teams.
-2:32 PM

L flag going up. RC moving to a new position to see about starting a 4 th race.
-2:36 PM

Main back up on Heritage.
-2:36 PM

Bowman up the rig on Ve
-2:37 PM

-2:37 PM

Lots of Team Canada fans chiming in to support their country. Thanks for the support.
-2:45 PM

A little history about Team Vincere helmsman - Oskar Johaneson is the skipper of Vincere - 4th 2008 Olympics in the Tornado and a Pan Am Games Gold Medallist.
-2:46 PM

Still motoring over to RC's new location. Both teams are following with mains only.
-2:47 PM

RC is on station. Breeze is 3knots from 275
-2:52 PM

More info from Canada - Oskar was also a graduate of the Oakville Yacht Squadron Sailing School
-2:53 PM

This just in from Brittany -    Thank you so much for your blog! My boyfriend is on Vincere for CANADA and I'm able to watch the race from here in Ontario!!!!!! Great Job! Go Canada Go! Thanks for following.
-2:54 PM

We will try to work on more videos. Our coverage is spotty. Good most of the time but tough to upload a video. Less than half ours have made it up.
-2:56 PM

We will keep trying on the videos.
-2:57 PM

Latest from the conditions - staying stable at 275 but breeze is down a lot to 3 knots.
-2:58 PM

Team Heritage is doing a flyby for the spectator boat as bowman Doogie heads up to make some changes to the rig set up.
-2:59 PM