Great day for photos. Look for them later on Click the photography tab.
-11:49 AM

I uploaded a video of the conditions to our YouTube channel.
-11:49 AM

Course is set. Racing soon.
-11:58 AM

We are in sequence for race 1
-12:00 PM

Boat end is busy now.
-12:01 PM

Boats are pretty spread out. Clean start is the goal in race 1
-12:03 PM

-12:04 PM

Great start
-12:05 PM

New England Ropes had a great start in middle with Funtech
-12:06 PM

Bad start for Brickhouse.
-12:06 PM

Abordage heading right. Fleet mostly left.
-12:07 PM

Everyone heading left now.
-12:07 PM

Embarr is farthest left. Leaders are left center.
-12:09 PM

Small pack to the right. Most of the fleet is to the left.
-12:11 PM

Race 1 start video uploaded now. Check it out with the link to our YouTube channel.
-12:13 PM

Babs, Bora and Battle Rhythm looking good up the middle.
-12:14 PM

Big lefty coming into top mark
-12:15 PM

Babs leading with Harry Melges driving.
-12:16 PM

Mark 1 soon.
-12:16 PM

Brick house doing a circle
-12:20 PM

Missing boats to get with leaders.
-12:21 PM

New England Ropes Big lead.
-12:22 PM

Big gap after Babs.
-12:23 PM

Split tack for leaders.
-12:23 PM

Better dousing for Embarr
-12:23 PM

Shrimping on Daredevil
-12:24 PM

Early douses by most teams.
-12:25 PM

Going with the fleet back of pack deep.
-12:29 PM

Left is paying again. Matador out right. Highest boat out there.
-12:30 PM

Big puffs as the boats go up and down as they get hit.
-12:31 PM

Embarr hard right trying to make a pass.
-12:31 PM

There will be some missing battens after today.
-12:32 PM

Babs and Bora fighting for lead.
-12:32 PM

Breeze is up a lot at the top.
-12:33 PM

New England Ropes will hold their lead.
-12:33 PM

Early gybe for leader.
-12:35 PM

Going with leaders. Big gap next.
-12:37 PM

New England Ropes heading for the line with a big win.
-12:39 PM

Fleet is very spread out in the big breeze.
-12:41 PM

Tight finish for 5th
-12:42 PM

Brick house missed line had to douse
-12:46 PM

Pin is gone. No new one yet.
-12:47 PM

Collision between 510 and Abordage.
-12:48 PM

Finishes should be close but pin was lost for a while before RC boat with flag replaced it.
-12:49 PM

Back of the fleet struggling to stay upright. Some finishing without spinnakers.
-12:50 PM

A few boats didn't finish. Knot to Scale didn't start as they were fixing a broken spreader from launching. They are out now.
-12:53 PM