Race 2 will start in less than 10 minutes.
-12:55 PM

Another broken spreader on Narley Melgeson. This one happened on the water.
-12:57 PM

New start line is getting set.
-12:58 PM

Click on race 1 for finishes.
-12:58 PM

Line is set. Less than 5 minutes to Race 2
-1:01 PM

We are in sequence for race 2
-1:03 PM

Coming up on 2 minutes.
-1:05 PM

Boat end more crowded
-1:06 PM

Teams setting up now heading to pin now.
-1:06 PM

1 minute.
-1:07 PM

Embarr trying to Own the pin much like the worlds
-1:07 PM

Embarr over and restarted.
-1:09 PM

Full throttle, Matador just called late. Just Add Water Too
-1:09 PM

Left boats starting to flop
-1:11 PM

5 boats in all restarted. Late call on VHF by PRO Hank Stuart.
-1:12 PM

Abordage went hard right and now coming back.
-1:14 PM

Breeze has dropped some at the top of the course.
-1:15 PM

Left side looks favored again but some boats working some shifts up the middle.
-1:16 PM

Some top teams will be fighting back.
-1:17 PM

Puffs are building again as boats approach.
-1:17 PM

Babs and Battle Rhythm look good on left
-1:18 PM

Embarr and a high Voltage on right.
-1:18 PM

Babs leading
-1:18 PM

WTF in the mix too
-1:19 PM

Big shifts up here.
-1:19 PM

A few wipeouts coming down
-1:24 PM

Leaders approaching gates
-1:25 PM

Leaders are heading left again. Breeze is very puffy.
-1:33 PM

Top 3 have separated themselves.
-1:33 PM

Embarr is going great after an OCS start.
-1:35 PM

Babs leading and over standing a bit.
-1:36 PM

Bad set on Embarr
-1:38 PM

Bora flying a flag.
-1:39 PM

RC boat has 53 and 24 as OCS no returning.
-1:40 PM

Heading to finish.
-1:42 PM

Breeze is up and down
-1:43 PM

Nice win for Babs
-1:43 PM

Tight for second
-1:43 PM

Big big gap to 4th.
-1:44 PM

Still some boats up the course. Amazing how spread out the fleet is.
-1:53 PM

One boat left. Looks to be I'm with Stupid. Must be a breakdown as they were without a headsail for a bit. Planing down now.
-1:57 PM

Next race in less than 10 minutes.
-1:58 PM

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-1:58 PM