Bora was flying a protest flag but was OCS in that race.
-2:01 PM

Next warning signal at 1305. Course 4, 1.0nm legs at 340. Breeze is consistent and course has remained the same.
-2:03 PM

In sequence.
-2:05 PM

4 minutes to start.
-2:06 PM

Breeze is up and down again.
-2:07 PM

Boat favored. Not many at pin.
-2:08 PM

Under 1 minute
-2:09 PM

Full throttle closest top boat to pin.
-2:10 PM

General Recall
-2:10 PM

India Zulu for next start.
-2:11 PM

Next start soon.
-2:11 PM

Pin boat looks to be dropped back a bit. Could be a cause for the general. Nothing has changed.
-2:13 PM

We are in sequence.
-2:13 PM

RC boat end still getting attention.
-2:15 PM

RC timing off. AP now up.
-2:17 PM

New sequence coming up.
-2:17 PM

New sequence coming. AP down.
-2:18 PM

We are in sequence again for Race 3
-2:19 PM

We will get as many roundings as we can but the leaders are way out in front.
-2:20 PM

Pin end is more active now.
-2:21 PM

1 minute coming up.
-2:22 PM

1 minute. Pin end empty
-2:23 PM

20 was OCS. Babs crossed fleet
-2:24 PM

Bora tried and stopped by Monsoon.
-2:25 PM

118 looking good out left crossing back.
-2:26 PM

Babs and still Throttle leading middle group left.
-2:27 PM

WTF with them.
-2:27 PM

Breeze is down now.
-2:28 PM

Big pressure on the upper left.
-2:29 PM

Right side looks best its been all day.
-2:29 PM

Wilco looks great coming up the middle. Breeze building again.
-2:30 PM

Embarr hard right looking good.
-2:31 PM

Nice pressure up top.
-2:31 PM

Just Add Water looks good in middle too.
-2:32 PM

Most boats heading to port layline
-2:33 PM

Left side tacking back to middle.
-2:33 PM

Embarr is crossing boats around them.
-2:34 PM

Port layline will be busy.
-2:34 PM

Embarr should lead. Wilco and I'm with Stupid up there too.
-2:35 PM

626 coming out of left well.
-2:35 PM

Big collision between 626 and Monsoon. I'm with Stupid might have gotten tapped too.
-2:39 PM

626 got squeezed by Monsoon. Monsoon tacked and forced 626 into one. Not sure how this will come out.
-2:41 PM

Breeze is down a lot. Embarr has big lead.
-2:42 PM

Change of course at gate.
-2:42 PM

Breeze is right.
-2:43 PM

Breeze building again. Embarr gaining on their lead.
-2:48 PM

Big righty at the top.
-2:49 PM

Embarr now tacking on a lefty. Plenty of shifts to work with out here.
-2:52 PM

Leaders play the shifts up into Williams Bay where the weather mark is.
-2:53 PM

Very shifty. Lots of passing lanes available up to the mark. Breeze building again.
-2:54 PM

New England Ropes making gains on Embarr.
-2:55 PM

Top 2 are way out.
-2:55 PM

Embarr gybes as New England Ropes gybe sets.
-2:56 PM

Gotta run to catch finish.
-3:00 PM

Leaders split.
-3:00 PM

Nathan Wilmot driving Embarr. Jeremy Wilmot on New England Ropes.
-3:01 PM

Leaders coming back at each other.
-3:02 PM

Still close.
-3:02 PM

Embarr gybes to lead. Finish soon.
-3:03 PM

Embarr wins race 3
-3:03 PM

Huge gap to 3rd place.
-3:03 PM

Great 3rd for Wilco.
-3:06 PM

Brick house just did a circle after finish.
-3:08 PM

Bow 10 is protesting 35 and 23
-3:12 PM