Race 4 warning at 0218. India Zulu will be flown.
-3:17 PM

We are in sequence for race 4
-3:18 PM

Under 3 minutes to start of race 4
-3:20 PM

Dark clouds on left side now.
-3:21 PM

Breeze is steady around 12kts now.
-3:21 PM

1 minute to start of race 4
-3:22 PM

Boat end busy.
-3:23 PM

General recall
-3:23 PM

Lots of penalties will be handed out on this one.
-3:24 PM

175 was on port in middle late.
-3:24 PM

626 was over. WTF was close. Lots of others in the mix.
-3:25 PM

32,54,38,18,17,10,11,48,36 were OCS so will be penalized. They missed a few as he had blanks.
-3:27 PM

Next start coming up shortly. India Zulu again. Penalties can add up.
-3:28 PM

General down. Sequence coming.
-3:29 PM

In sequence.
-3:30 PM

This will be another I and Z flag start.
-3:31 PM

Video from last start from boat end is on YouTube now.
-3:31 PM

Lots of traffic near RC boat.
-3:32 PM

Rain coming down now.
-3:33 PM

Huge crowd at RC boat.
-3:33 PM

1 minute
-3:34 PM

42, 44, 38 and 54 are OCS.
-3:36 PM

54 and 38 went back. Monsoon and Babs haven't yet.
-3:37 PM

Embarr leading group heading right.
-3:39 PM

Most of the fleet heading right.
-3:39 PM

Embarr tacked over heading for a right puff.
-3:41 PM

WTF is coming up middle and leading now.
-3:41 PM

Wicked Feet , Rock N Roll and Full Throttle with top boats.
-3:42 PM

New England Ropes and Matador look good coming out of the left.
-3:43 PM

Babs and Brickhouse up front too.
-3:44 PM

Lefty filling in near top mark.
-3:45 PM

Right side boats are going to the docks before tacking.
-3:46 PM

Positions keep changing fast with shifty wind.
-3:46 PM

32 did spins
-3:49 PM

Matador and New England Ropes were tangled a little at weather mark too.
-3:51 PM

Fleet is very spread out now splitting course.
-3:53 PM

WTF passed Babs. Engine problems here. We will miss rounding and get to the finish.
-3:55 PM

Sorry for missing the mark roundings. Engine troubles. Limping to the finish.
-4:03 PM

Right side is paying off again this leg as the leaders protect over there. The top of the course is a different race as it gets shifty in the bay.
-4:05 PM

Leaders are heading to the finish. WTF in 3rd was first to gybe away.
-4:09 PM

All the top boats have gybed nos. About 10 around.
-4:10 PM

Babs and Monsoon were called OCS. We didn't see either go back. Babs lead mark 1.
-4:11 PM

Breeze is up and steady. Most of the fleet heading down.
-4:12 PM

Full Throttle and Babs are top 2 with WTF 3rd.
-4:14 PM

Gybe for finish soon.
-4:14 PM

Babs gybed first. Full Throttle on them.
-4:15 PM

Photo finish for top two.
-4:16 PM

Monsoon also OCS coming in next.
-4:16 PM