We expect at least 3 races today. Conditions look good for this to happen.
-11:41 AM

RC boat is set and it looks like the line is too. Should be starting on time.
-11:41 AM

Video link is working today. Sorry about that yesterday. There are some starts from day 1. I just uploaded Day 2 preview.
-11:50 AM

Papa start for the first one. We will see what happens after that.
-11:52 AM

Wind shift to 050. AP coming so RC can adjust the course.
-11:59 AM

AP is up.
-12:00 PM

Line should be set soon.
-12:09 PM

Line still getting set. Sliding back now.
-12:11 PM

AP down. Start coming.
-12:13 PM

In sequence.
-12:14 PM

P flag is up.
-12:15 PM

Pin end is crowded now.
-12:16 PM

Still a bigger group at pin.
-12:18 PM

Under 1 minute
-12:18 PM

No one at boat end
-12:18 PM

13 is still trying to get back
-12:18 PM

Embarr port tacks the fleet
-12:19 PM

Track meet to mark 1. Everyone is on port now.
-12:20 PM

Fleet looks to be on port layline from the start.
-12:20 PM

Flying Toaster started near the boat end clean on port and looks good in clean air.
-12:22 PM

New England Ropes is with Embarr. WTF there too.
-12:23 PM

Boats furthest left are seeing some lefties.
-12:24 PM

Group getting big lefties are back a bit from the leaders. Long race to go.
-12:25 PM

Breeze is all over the place now. Most of the fleet still on port.
-12:26 PM

Left group is looking better. Pressure is up and down.
-12:26 PM

Embarr is up the middle and just got a left shift.
-12:27 PM

Rock N Roll is farthest left
-12:28 PM

Full Throttle and 510 are with Embarr and New England Ropes
-12:29 PM

Big lead for Embarr
-12:29 PM

Crews not hiking now at mark.
-12:30 PM

No gybes yet. Sprint back down.
-12:34 PM

Big lead for Embarr
-12:35 PM

Leaders are flying jibs too
-12:37 PM

Change of course at gate
-12:37 PM

Left shift for next upwind.
-12:37 PM

Leaders are heading far left. Pressure off the shore is prevalent.
-12:43 PM

Breeze got light with all the traffic at gates.
-12:44 PM

Mark 3 is pretty far left.
-12:44 PM

Embarr is protecting the left with Full Throttle closest.
-12:45 PM

Most of the top ten is heading right. Embarr farthest left of leaders covering. Full Throttle might have made the jump past them.
-12:48 PM

Nice pressure in Williams Bay. New mark is in the mouth of the bay where it was all day yesterday.
-12:49 PM

WTF might have passed Embarr too.
-12:50 PM

Brick house not WTF.
-12:50 PM

Gybe set for Brickhouse.
-12:52 PM

Brickhouse was only top boat to gybe out. It looks like they lost a little.
-12:59 PM

Full Throttle has a big lead.
-1:00 PM