Less than 10 minutes to start of race 6
-1:13 PM

We are in sequence.
-1:15 PM

Papa flag start.
-1:17 PM

Much lighter breeze now.
-1:18 PM

Less than 1 minute
-1:18 PM

RC end is crowded.
-1:18 PM

General recall.
-1:19 PM

Looked pretty good from here.
-1:19 PM

New start coming soon.
-1:20 PM

Crews are adjusting rigs.
-1:20 PM

India Zulu start next. In sequence.
-1:21 PM

RC end should be busy again. Breeze is down.
-1:23 PM

Bigger pressure rolls through but nothing too big.
-1:23 PM

1 minute
-1:25 PM

Crowded at boat again
-1:25 PM

Light air
-1:25 PM

Brickhouse wins boat.
-1:26 PM

38 and 49 are on port connected.
-1:26 PM

Brickhouse tacked right with pace.
-1:26 PM

Very light air. Crews down below.
-1:27 PM

Brickhouse is punched way out.
-1:27 PM

Big shifts out here. Brickhouse just tacked on a righty.
-1:30 PM

Battle Rhythm and Embarr trailing close behind Brickhouse playing the shifts.
-1:30 PM

Wicked Feet joining the group a little farther right.
-1:31 PM

Pressure up a bit.
-1:31 PM

Wicked Feet is now leading
-1:33 PM

Daredevil back deep making some moves on the right.
-1:34 PM

Mark is left of the breeze now.
-1:35 PM

Babs is now in the mix staying left in a lefty.
-1:37 PM

Lefties are very big now but lots of shifts before the top mark.
-1:38 PM

Embarr has a huge shift on the left getting them back up there.
-1:39 PM

Wicked Feet still looks the best.
-1:40 PM

Huge lefty at top. Embarr and Brickhouse taking it in.
-1:40 PM

Nice puff now
-1:42 PM

Still no gybes by anyone
-1:46 PM

Lead boats are now gybing.
-1:48 PM

Brickhouse still leads.
-1:51 PM

Top two split. Embarr going left
-1:51 PM

Light air up the course.
-1:59 PM

Brickhouse extending with great breeze in middle.
-2:00 PM

Matador looks good to the left.
-2:01 PM

Embarr has dropped some spots.
-2:01 PM

Some passing in the top 5
-2:04 PM

Breeze is light again.
-2:04 PM

Brickhouse gybed
-2:06 PM

Everyone gybing
-2:07 PM

All boats gybing at offset. Early hoisting.
-2:08 PM

Battle Rhythm and Rock N Roll got tangled at offset. Pole into stanchion. Luckily nothing broke. Amazingly no spins for either boat.
-2:15 PM

No clear winner yet. Light air and lots of angles.
-2:17 PM

Brickhouse no longer leading.
-2:18 PM

Embarr calling RC on VHF
-2:21 PM

Crazy wind shifts at the finish. Boats finished with jibs.
-2:26 PM

Rock N Roll protesting Battle Rhythm.
-2:28 PM