Check out the leader board. Tight at the top.
-2:32 PM

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-2:33 PM

L flag is up. RC is moving west. Waiting for breeze.
-2:34 PM

RC is set. No time for a start yet.
-2:47 PM

Pin boat going into place.
-2:49 PM

Line set. Start time is 1400hrs.
-2:58 PM

Light shifty air will make for an interesting race 7.
-2:59 PM

We are in sequence
-3:00 PM

Fleet is spread out now.
-3:03 PM

India Zulu is up.
-3:03 PM

Embarr, WTF and Wilco near pin
-3:04 PM

Brickhouse at boat
-3:04 PM

Big sag
-3:04 PM

Bora tacked onto port and crossing fleet near middle. Monsoon with him.
-3:05 PM

Babs and Embarr look good too. On port to weather of New England Ropes.
-3:06 PM

Big spectator fleet out. Just uploaded a video to YouTube so you can see conditions.
-3:10 PM

New England Ropes, Babs and Embarr still leading the pack.
-3:12 PM

Babs just forced Bora to tack away.
-3:13 PM

Babs then followed with Embarr tacking to go with. Boats heading right.
-3:14 PM

Babs and Embarr crossed behind New England Ropes.
-3:15 PM

Brickhouse is coming in from the left
-3:15 PM

Daredevil moving up too
-3:15 PM

Big gap after top 5
-3:16 PM

No gybes yet.
-3:21 PM

Top two boats are separating.
-3:23 PM

Top two gybed for gate
-3:23 PM

Nice lead. Clean douse for New England Ropes.
-3:24 PM

No course change. Big lefty going up.
-3:25 PM

Leaders still way out in front. Shifty up top.
-3:35 PM

Nice puff for leaders to extend on at the set.
-3:36 PM

Heading to the finish.
-3:40 PM

New England Ropes wins Race 7
-3:43 PM

Babs second then a big gap to third.
-3:44 PM