One final race to go.
-11:48 AM

RC has moved East. Setting up now. Breeze is light so not sure about starting on time.
-11:55 AM

Final day preview video is up on YouTube.
-11:55 AM

Pin boat not set yet. Should be under AP now. PRO hoping to get a start off within the next 30 minutes.
-12:04 PM

AP and Lima are up. Pin boat is going into position.
-12:06 PM

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-12:08 PM

Thanks to the Melges 24 Class and LGYC for having us.
-12:09 PM

PRO has the course posted and we have updated it above. Start time is planned for 1117hrs.
-12:14 PM

AP down.
-12:16 PM

Middle of the lake looks better right now. Mark is near shore just west of Williams Bay
-12:17 PM

Papa Flag start.
-12:17 PM

Pin end is a little more Crowe
-12:19 PM

Crowded. Boats are still jockeying.
-12:20 PM

RC end now gathering a crowd.
-12:20 PM

Embarr is pretty far off the line. Bora just above.
-12:21 PM

Full throttle likes boat.
-12:21 PM

Individual up.
-12:22 PM

Embarr is deep on port now.
-12:22 PM

Bora won start. Oxygen was OCS. Going back. Embarr and Full Throttle heading right. New England Ropes heading left.
-12:24 PM

Wicked Feet up front looking good.
-12:24 PM

Babs just lee bowed Full Throttle forcing them away with Embarr below them.
-12:25 PM

Good pressure right. Embarr heading that was. New England Ropes left
-12:26 PM

Matador and Wicked Feet look good middle right.
-12:28 PM

Embarr going hard right now by themselves.
-12:29 PM

New England Ropes now looking very strong heading across from the left.
-12:30 PM

New England Ropes now tacking and covering the fleet. Small puffs everywhere.
-12:33 PM

Brickhouse looking good coming out of the middle now.
-12:34 PM

Embarr heading back right. There is pressure right.
-12:34 PM

Long leg in light breeze.
-12:34 PM

Brickhouse and Bora heading right now. Both just tacked back left.
-12:36 PM

Matador in top 3 now too.
-12:37 PM

Pressure building a little at the top mark.
-12:37 PM

Brickhouse leads race 8
-12:38 PM

Gybe at offset for leader
-12:39 PM

Everyone gybing at offset
-12:41 PM

Lots of downwind left. Leaders are very tight now.
-12:48 PM

Matador is leading now.
-12:49 PM

Embarr gybed and hour glassed.
-12:51 PM

Change of course coming up. Moving right.
-12:51 PM

Leaders approaching fast now.
-12:52 PM

Leaders heading right. Light air. New England Ropes more middle.
-12:56 PM

Right boats are moving better now. Full throttle looks good.
-12:57 PM

Embarr is closer to breeze full throttle has.
-12:58 PM

Helping set line now. Will try to keep action going.
-1:00 PM

Embarr is just ahead of New England Ropes. What tight racing.
-1:06 PM

Embarr and New England Ropes are neck and neck.
-1:08 PM

Embarr just got a puff and legged out. They will need room to gybe at some point.
-1:09 PM

Nice lead for Matador.
-1:09 PM

Full Throttle second.
-1:10 PM

Regatta leaders have gybed.
-1:11 PM

Bora passed Embarr
-1:11 PM

New England Ropes wins the 2011 Melges 24 Nationals by the slimmest margin.
-1:12 PM