Keep the comments coming. Great racing here resetting course.
-11:54 AM

Race 2 sequence coming up. Same course. Another quick one.
-11:58 AM

Course is set. Sequence soon.
-12:02 PM

Race 2 underway. All clear.
-12:06 PM

Scone row for Pisces.
-12:06 PM

Red leading group going right. Mojo with them.
-12:08 PM

Most of the fleet heading left.
-12:08 PM

Mojo only boat going right now. Just tacked.
-12:09 PM

One boat is hard left. Most of the fleet is near the middle of the course heading left.
-12:11 PM

Port layline is getting crowded. Should be an exciting rounding.
-12:17 PM

Red and Fantastica looking good. Delta too. And Samba working the middle.
-12:18 PM

Catapult looks good from the left
-12:18 PM

Catapult looking strong now.
-12:19 PM

Volpe and Leenabarca gybe early
-12:21 PM

Sicktrix has issue with kite. It's down now.
-12:22 PM

Delta and Samba first of leaders to gybe
-12:22 PM

Warpath leading now and just gybed. Followed bt
-12:23 PM

Catapult next.
-12:23 PM

Fleet is split and now starting to come back together. Nice lead for Warpath.
-12:25 PM

Delta coming on strong.
-12:26 PM

Argo still has kite wrapped around the headstay.
-12:28 PM

Fleet split. Left gate was favored. Warpath might have gotten away as the rest of the fleet got caught up together.
-12:30 PM

We will stay down here again as the fleet is pretty fast on this short course.
-12:32 PM

Warpath on the right side coming back to the middle.
-12:33 PM

Most of the fleet is coming out of the right side. A few went left.
-12:41 PM

Leads rounding now.
-12:41 PM

Warpath still leads.
-12:41 PM

Big comeback for Volpe now second.
-12:41 PM

Delta is 3rd
-12:42 PM

Top two boas have gybed.
-12:43 PM

Samba gybed at the mark.
-12:43 PM

INTAC wiping out after the set
-12:44 PM

Delta went to the right corner and now coming in.
-12:45 PM

Volpe and Warpath gybed towards finish. Volpe inside in better pressure.
-12:45 PM

Samba looks to be in 3rd now crossing Delta.
-12:46 PM

Another great bullet for Warpath
-12:48 PM

Lots of movement in positioning in that race. Other than Warpath who lewd after the second mark.
-12:51 PM

Next race at 1305hrs. 15 minutes from now.
-12:52 PM