Mojo is protesting Red in Race 2.
-12:56 PM

Correction Mojo is protesting Sicktrix.
-12:59 PM

Arethusa has their main down.
-1:00 PM

Same course for race 3
-1:01 PM

We are in sequence for race 3
-1:05 PM

Arethusa still is without a main.
-1:06 PM

Another I flag start.
-1:08 PM

Looks like Arethusa has a broken forestay.
-1:08 PM

-1:09 PM

Boat favored
-1:10 PM

-1:10 PM

Now a General recall. Sicktrix was going back
-1:10 PM

Arethusa retiring today with equipment failure. Getting towed in now.
-1:12 PM

Warpath has Morgan Larson, Jeff Reynolds and Warwick afluery
-1:12 PM

Sorry Warwick Fluery.
-1:13 PM

Warning for start 2 at 1315
-1:13 PM

General Recall Flag down.
-1:14 PM

In sequence.
-1:15 PM

Breeze is on.
-1:15 PM

I flag again.
-1:16 PM

Teams are lining up at the boat end.
-1:18 PM

1 minute
-1:19 PM

Lots over
-1:21 PM

Fantastica, Mojo, INTAC and Pisces
-1:22 PM

Ninkasi also over and not cleared.
-1:22 PM

Ninkasi coming back late.
-1:23 PM

Start video is up
-1:26 PM

Volpe started late at boat and tacked away. Tacked back now and look good just behind Leenabarca.
-1:27 PM

Breeze is up now.
-1:30 PM

Warpath looking great again.
-1:33 PM

Volpe and Delta too
-1:34 PM

Warpath gybed early
-1:36 PM

Warpath looks launched. Volpe followed.
-1:38 PM

Mojo had a quick recovery on a slippery set.
-1:38 PM

We are staying up top now. Will get second top mark. Then breeze down with leaders.
-1:40 PM

First boats are around and heading back at us.
-1:41 PM

Most of the fleet heading left.
-1:42 PM

Warpath appears to be covering the fleet on the way up
-1:46 PM

Breeze is down a little.
-1:46 PM

Teams are over halfway up. Warpath looks good still.
-1:49 PM

Delta is near the top too.
-1:50 PM

Samba coming up the left looks to be gaining on Warpath.
-1:52 PM

Fleet is pretty spread out. We will go with leaders.
-1:52 PM

Big lead for Warpath again.
-1:54 PM

Blasting to the finish. Warpath first to gybe in the corner.
-1:57 PM

Samba and Red just gybed.
-1:57 PM

Warpath is approaching the finish.
-2:00 PM

Another impressive win for Warpath.
-2:00 PM

Tight finish for 4th.
-2:02 PM

Wipeout on Ramrod
-2:02 PM

INTAC wiped out. Kite is down halfway.
-2:04 PM

Ninkasi wiping out
-2:04 PM

INTAC still not going again.
-2:05 PM

Ninkasi still struggling.
-2:05 PM

Ninkasi going again under kite. INTAC going again without kite.
-2:06 PM

INTAC still limping in.
-2:07 PM

Great performance today by Warpath. Teams are heading in for the day.
-2:08 PM

I just posted a video of Warpath's lead at the final top mark.
-2:12 PM