Everyone has lifejackets on. Good to see this in these conditions.
-11:02 AM

I flag up
-11:03 AM

Long approaches on the boat side
-11:03 AM

1 minute
-11:04 AM

OCS boats just getting called now.
-11:08 AM

Fantastica, Hearbreaker and Warpath
-11:08 AM

Fantastica cleared and were called about a minute before the others.
-11:09 AM

Hesrtbreaker and Warpath never came back. Over 2 minutes went by before they were called.
-11:10 AM

We will stay at the bottom as the conditions are too rough for us to keep up and dry.
-11:10 AM

Start video is up on YouTube now.
-11:11 AM

Heading down fast.
-11:20 AM

Warpath first to gybe and wiped out
-11:21 AM

They doused
-11:21 AM

Hesrtbreaker wiped in gybe too
-11:22 AM

Teams dousing to gybe.
-11:22 AM

Ripped kite on Heartbreaker. Early douses.
-11:23 AM

Leenabarca shrimping
-11:24 AM

Warpath wiped out and still kept the lead. Great crew work.
-11:26 AM

Teams are all heading upwind now. I see a redress request coming after this one from the teams called over late.
-11:27 AM

As much as it is a bummer not to have a LYC Junior on each boat. It was the right call.
-11:29 AM

Leaders will be approaching Mark 3 soon. We are at the bottom of the course so we will do our best.
-11:32 AM

Breeze is holding steady. First boat around.
-11:35 AM

Warpath still leads.
-11:35 AM

Big lead again for Warpath as they set and get away.
-11:36 AM

Third boat wiped out at set.
-11:36 AM

Volpe made big gains.
-11:37 AM

Warpath had a clean gybe. Samba went down.
-11:38 AM

Samba doused now setting.
-11:38 AM

Huge lead for Warpath. We wi
-11:39 AM

Won't know if it sticks until later.
-11:39 AM

Celeritas kite just ripped apart right as they finished
-11:43 AM

Heartbreaker is up the course with main only. Not sure if they are heading in or limping down.
-11:44 AM

Heartbreaker has gybed. Main only but heading to the finish line.
-11:45 AM

Some great photos will come out of today. Check out yesterday's at Sail22.com
-11:46 AM

Samba has their main down working on their main.
-11:46 AM

The plan is for 3 Races today.
-11:47 AM

Heartbreaker is almost back to finish. PRO has announced a 1200hrs start to race 5
-11:48 AM