Samba has their bowman up the rig. Main down.
-11:55 AM

5 minutes to warning of race 5
-11:55 AM

Bowman down on Samba but still no main. They must have broke something on their last wipeout.
-11:56 AM

Breeze is staying up. Course will be the same. 4 legs at 085 and 1.1 Nm
-11:58 AM

Main is off the boom on Samba and motoring to RC.
-11:59 AM

Warning soon.
-11:59 AM

We are in sequence. Samba looks to be out for the day.
-12:00 PM

Teams are lining up late.
-12:03 PM

Boat favored. Less than 1 minute
-12:04 PM

Volpe at the boat
-12:04 PM

All clear.
-12:05 PM

Heartbreaker is not racing. Ninkasi doing circles.
-12:05 PM

Jib up but main coming down on Heartbreaker.
-12:06 PM

Jib down and main coming down slowly on Heartbreaker.
-12:07 PM

Heartbreaker is heading now. Conditions are tough.
-12:08 PM

Warpath leads.
-12:19 PM

Volpe and Pisces look good too.
-12:20 PM

INTAC in top ten. Mojo in 8th and gybed.
-12:20 PM

Warpath gybing towards gate slow gybe but stayed on their feet.
-12:21 PM

Warpath building a big lead again.
-12:22 PM

Early douse for Warpath.
-12:22 PM

Sicktrix shrimping bad
-12:24 PM

Warpath is pretty unstoppable in these conditions.
-12:26 PM

Celeritas is having a good one. They were 2nd at the first mark. Then 4th.
-12:27 PM

The whole fleet is heading right now.
-12:30 PM

Warpath still leads. Heading to finish.
-12:36 PM

Mojo wiped out at the set.
-12:37 PM

Looks like Argo in second. Volpe is 4th.
-12:38 PM

Warpath gybing to finish. Breeze is up.
-12:38 PM

Another bullet for Warpath. Solid team.
-12:39 PM

Sicktrix is coming down with no Kite. Their shrimping might be the culprit.
-12:43 PM

The game for the 6th race will be Who can beat Warpath.
-12:45 PM

Next warning will be at 1300hrs.
-12:46 PM

Course is getting adjusted. Breeze is up now.
-12:47 PM