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-12:49 PM

Course is set at 070. Might not be an offset which could be fun up top.
-12:53 PM

Offset is set. 5 minutes to warning of Race 6 and final race of the day.
-12:55 PM

We are in sequence for Race 6
-1:00 PM

I flag start
-1:01 PM

Teams are way back from the line
-1:03 PM

1 minute.
-1:04 PM

INTAC and Arethusa were OCS. Sicktrix cleared.
-1:07 PM

INTAC and Arethusa were OCS. Sicktrix cleared.
-1:07 PM

All boats are clear. Heading up to the top mark.
-1:11 PM

At the top mark with a kiteboarder doing tricks.
-1:16 PM

Fleet is closing in.
-1:16 PM

Warpath and Volpe in lead group
-1:17 PM

Catapult and Red too.
-1:17 PM

Fantastica might lead from the left
-1:18 PM

Circles for Argo, Celeritas and Catapult.
-1:20 PM

Wipeout on Delta
-1:21 PM

Bulb check on Sicktrix. It's still there.
-1:22 PM

Kite is down on Sicktrix
-1:23 PM

Everyone is up and going again.
-1:23 PM

Fleet has gybed and leaders are at the gates.
-1:24 PM

Ninjas just wiped out.
-1:25 PM

Big puff at the bottom.
-1:25 PM

Leaders are split coming back up.
-1:26 PM

Left side of the won out last time up for Fantastica. Warpath is there now.
-1:35 PM

Fantastica tacked near starboard layline. We will see if Warpath gets them.
-1:36 PM

Fantastica leading. Then Warpath
-1:36 PM

Mark coming up.
-1:36 PM

Big gap after 4th
-1:38 PM

Fantastica extends their lead. Gybed for finish.
-1:42 PM

Wipeout on Leenabarca
-1:44 PM

Delta on their ear
-1:46 PM

Great day of racing. Check the score updates when the RC posts. We will update here.
-1:49 PM

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-2:07 PM