RC is set and plans to be on time. 2 races are scheduled for today. Nice and sunny now and the breeze is building. Should be a great day of racing in Key West.
-9:20 AM

RC is set and planning to start on time with the 32's warning at 10:30. A great day for racing in Key West.
-9:22 AM

We would like to thank our sponsors New England Ropes, Hillman Capital, Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Annapolis Rigging, GT3 Creative and Sail22. Plus Team Mojo for having us on their tender.
-9:25 AM

In sequence for race 1 of Key West 2011
-9:40 AM

Fleetvis playing the left more in the race.
-10:02 AM

Leaders approaching.
-10:03 AM

WTF looks good. Uka too
-10:04 AM

Full medal jacket leads
-10:04 AM

Uka and WTF the first to gybe out. Bora too
-10:07 AM

Lazy plane mode for the 24's. Less powered up than their big brothers.
-10:08 AM

It will be tough to stay in the top 5 in this fleet.
-10:29 AM

Big lead for Uka Uka
-10:37 AM

Uka with a big lead.
-10:51 AM

Last boat is pretty deep. Sea Wolf must have had a problem.
-10:59 AM

Race committee relocating.
-4:00 PM

Seeing 190 but shifty.
-4:01 PM

Bearing 190 at 4 knots currently. Moving to 200.
-4:09 PM

RC is setting the line. It's a three boat line.
-4:18 PM

Wind has been dying. RC plans to have everyone sit out on the water and wait for breeze since we're out here.
-4:26 PM

A little line of breeze is moving down the lake. Waiting to see how it fills.
-4:35 PM

Breeze is 4.8-5 knots. Giving it 5-6 minutes more.
-4:37 PM

Breeze is now almost 7 knots at 195.
-4:40 PM

Breeze is down again at the top of the course.
-4:43 PM

Going into sequence. Heading 200. Course W5.
-4:53 PM

4 minutes
-4:55 PM

One minute
-4:57 PM

And they're off!
-4:58 PM

All clear.
-4:59 PM

IC 518 didn't make it in time for the start. Wandered too far off.
-5:00 PM

LF86 and T17 leading up the left side of the course.
-5:02 PM

T17 looking strong out of the left. Joe Schaub with son Justin.
-5:06 PM

A bit shifty in the middle of the course. T-17 with a nice lift.
-5:07 PM

A bit shifty in the middle of the course. T-17 with a nice lift.
-5:08 PM

Having some technical issues with Internet on the lake. Will update this way, but unable to do mark roundings.
-5:28 PM

B217 rounded the bottom mark in first. Lots of shouting in a close rounding at the mark later in the fleet. A-136 looks pretty good out of the right side right now.
-5:35 PM

A136 rounded the top mark in first followed closely by B217 and B18.
-5:38 PM

A little more breeze coming down the course.
-5:39 PM

Looking upwind at the left side of the course, they are look better coming to the gate. A136 closely followed by B217, T17, B217 and B18.
-5:47 PM

A136 liked the left gate and is headed up the left side of the course. Local Joe Schaub is headed up the right side toward the west shore.
-5:51 PM

A136 looking good crossing the fleet.
-5:53 PM

Breeze is filling on the left nicely.
-5:58 PM

New leader headed to the finish. B217 has got it!
-6:01 PM

Followed by T17 & B 18
-6:03 PM