We would like to thank our sponsors New England Ropes, Hillman Capital, Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Annapolis Rigging, GT3 Creative and Sail22. We would also like to thank Team Mo for having us on their tender.
-9:27 AM

Less than 30 seconds to the warning.
-9:29 AM

In sequence.
-9:30 AM

Looks like a short line. No favoritism yet.
-9:31 AM

Approaching 1 minute. Boat looks favored.
-9:34 AM

Inside 1 minute
-9:34 AM

Race underway. 7, 17 & 21 over
-9:35 AM

Dark n stormy, Fantastica and shakedown. All clear now
-9:36 AM

Fleet is split early.
-9:37 AM

Start will be delayed due to timing issue.
-9:37 AM

Inside 2 minutes to warning.
-9:38 AM

Most of the fleet is heading right.
-9:41 AM

Fantastica is the farthest left boat. Trying to make up
-9:44 AM

Start. Bow 41 over
-9:45 AM

All clear. Tramp was over. Racing now.
-9:46 AM

Fleet is going right as well. Following the lead of the 32's
-9:47 AM

Fleet is approaching the top of the course. Spread out. Right looks good. Middle isn't bad.
-9:53 AM

Warpath looks good
-9:55 AM

Highlife first
-9:56 AM

A couple boas have gybed out. Leaders heading on starboard.
-9:58 AM

Black Mamba gybed out. Leaders still on starboard.
-9:59 AM

Boats are approaching gate.
-10:09 AM

All boats are around. Blocked and crowded so missed. Heading upwind now.
-10:16 AM

Fleet is much more split. Hard right has more of the fleet. Left has about 5
-10:20 AM

Right side looks good again. Long upwind.
-10:24 AM

Fleet is coming back upwind. Heading right at the bottom.
-10:26 AM

Boats approaching top mark. Highlife leading still.
-10:30 AM

Big gap after top 5
-10:31 AM

Quick gybe in a puff for Heartbreaker
-10:33 AM

Leaders are still on starboard. A few boats have gybed out.
-10:35 AM

Black Mamba and Intac gybed in left corner. Highlife still leading.
-10:40 AM

Lots of kelp near finish line. Boats approaching.
-10:44 AM

Tight finish
-10:45 AM

Highlife is Roxanne on charter.
-10:46 AM