Course 5 posted. There will be a 5 minute gap after the 32 start. Working hard to cover both fleets. 32 warning in less than a minute away.
-11:09 AM

In sequence for race 2
-11:10 AM

The fleet is approaching the weather mark.
-11:44 AM

Hedgehog looks good
-11:44 AM

Bora is coming in from the left. Blu moon looks good too
-11:45 AM

A few tight ducks from the port boats. A tough fleet.
-11:49 AM

WTF gybed out
-12:21 PM

Lead boats have gybed out.
-12:24 PM

Top teams have a huge jump on the back of the fleet.
-12:25 PM

Juggling fleets. 24's spread out so hard to chase around. We will be at the finish.
-12:41 PM

Blu Moon has a big lead coming into the finish.
-12:59 PM

Blu Moon wins Race 2.
-1:00 PM

Hedgehog is looking at a strong second
-1:01 PM

Tight between Bora and Full Medal and then later between Audi, Uka and FT.
-1:03 PM

Lots of close finishes here.
-1:07 PM

More great racing tomorrow. Day one of Key West 2011 is in the books. Thanks to our sponsors New England Ropes, Hillman Capital, Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Annapolis Rigging, GT3 Creative and Sail22. We will be back at it tomorrow.
-1:10 PM