PRO has scheduled the warning for 12:10pm. Course 5 @ 170 and 1.7NM.
-11:07 AM

Lots of weeds near the start line. Teams are backing down and using their kelp cutters.
-11:11 AM

Boat end is popular again.
-11:13 AM

1 minute to start of race 2
-11:14 AM

14, 19, 17 ocs
-11:15 AM

Yasha, Heartbreakers and Fantastica went back.
-11:16 AM

Fleet is split already
-11:17 AM

Warning in 2 minutes
-11:18 AM

Boats are clearing weeds from keels and rudders. Lots down here.
-11:19 AM

Small dark cloud on the right seems to be drawing some attention. Goombay leading the way there.
-11:20 AM

In sequence for race 2
-11:21 AM

Race 2 is underway.
-11:25 AM

Goombay still heading right. The rest of the fleet is starting to tack back to the middle.
-11:26 AM

Catapult and Intac are out right with Goombay. Shakedown is leading this side.
-11:28 AM

Fleet is heading left
-11:28 AM

Red went left early but is now leading across the middle. Heading back right.
-11:29 AM

The fleet is at the short course mark. Left side looks pretty good.
-11:34 AM

Leaders are coming back across the middle.
-11:34 AM

The sides are now coming at each other to the first mark. Looks pretty tight.
-11:35 AM

Arethusa with Ed Baird calling tactics is looking good.
-11:36 AM

Arethusa had to duck a couple
-11:37 AM

Arethusa first to gybe out
-11:39 AM

5 boats have early gybes
-11:40 AM

Yasha stuck it in there tight at the mark. No visual of a flag but potential.
-11:41 AM

The last 3 boats have gybed
-11:42 AM

About half of the fleet have jibs down as the breeze is light.
-11:42 AM

The fleet is working it's way upwind. Team Mojo tender took a break for lunch. Breeze is building again.
-12:05 PM

Right side is looking good.
-12:06 PM

Shakedown still leading.
-12:10 PM

Early gybe for Yasha and Samba
-12:16 PM

Heartbreaker is deep. Must have tried too hard to come back.
-12:17 PM

The fleet is about to round the gates.
-12:27 PM

The last boat is about to round the 3rd mark.
-12:29 PM

Most of the fleet is heading right. A few boats are banging left.
-12:37 PM

Goombay is looking good on the right
-12:40 PM

Looks like a parade up the right side. A couple boats are out of line and trying the left or middle.
-12:45 PM

Goombay looks to be leading big
-12:46 PM

Goombay will win Race 2 of Key West 2011
-12:47 PM

Don't know what happened to Shakedown.
-12:48 PM

Dawn Raid is the first boat to come out of the left.
-12:49 PM

Teams are heading in for the day. To great races in light air. Thanks to our sponsors New England Ropes, Hillman Capital, Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Annapolis Rigging, GT3 Creative and Sail22.
-12:58 PM