We are in sequence for Race 3 of Key West 2011
-9:40 AM

Teams are circling at the boat end
-9:42 AM

P flag start.
-9:43 AM

1 minute. Teams are set up early at the boat.
-9:44 AM

Pack of 5 at pin.
-9:44 AM

Audi will win boat end.
-9:44 AM

Convexity, Monsoon and Blu Moon were over.
-9:45 AM

Monsoon last to go back. All racing now.
-9:46 AM

Fleet is approaching mark 1 from the left.
-10:01 AM

Hedgehog leading
-10:03 AM

Big lead. WTF looks good too
-10:03 AM

Fleet is spread out.
-10:05 AM

Fleet is heading out on starboard.
-10:07 AM

Boats are starting to gybe. Blu Moon and Full Medal Jacket.
-10:08 AM

Leenabarca has a big lead on right.
-10:22 AM

Fleet is approaching mark 3.
-10:35 AM

Hedgehog still leading.
-10:36 AM

Heartbreaker has gybed. Fleet heading to finish.
-10:38 AM

Heading to the finish in line.
-10:40 AM

Hedgehog leading into the finish
-10:51 AM

Big gap for the rest of the fleet.
-10:52 AM

A little closer racing today.
-10:56 AM