1 minute to start
-11:24 AM

Pin end is crowded
-11:24 AM

-11:25 AM

Knot to Scale, WTF, Hedgehog over
-11:25 AM

Sea Wolf over too
-11:26 AM

Knot to scale going back late
-11:27 AM

Bad start for Blu Moon
-11:27 AM

Fleet is split. Tight group going lrft
-11:28 AM

Let us know what you think or who you are following be Twitter link or email info@sailingupdates.com
-11:30 AM

Let us know what you think or who you are following by Twitter link or email info@sailingupdates.com
-11:30 AM

Blu Moon and full Medal look good. So does FT
-11:43 AM

Fleet is tight
-11:44 AM

Full Medal ducks Blu Moon
-11:45 AM

Boats over standing on left.
-11:48 AM

Leaders are starting to gybe. Full Throttle first
-11:50 AM

Most off the fleet is on the right. Nobody went left.
-12:04 PM

Big changes at the gate.
-12:10 PM

Blu Moon still leads. Fleet approaching mark 3
-12:21 PM

Huge lead. Breeze is lighter. Big tacking angles
-12:22 PM

Big duck by Full Medal on Audi
-12:23 PM

Big moves for Battle Rhythm.
-12:24 PM

Big gaps now as the back of the fleet is struggling more in the dying breeze.
-12:26 PM

Last boat still coming. Fleet is very spread out.
-12:29 PM

The fleet is pretty spread out we might not get the last gate so we can make sure we get finish.
-12:33 PM

It's been a great weather day in Key West. PRO's are doing a great job of getting these races off.
-12:35 PM

PRO just notified that the J105 course will be shortened. Proof of the dropping breeze.
-12:36 PM

Still working hard up the final beat. Blu Moon still looks good.
-1:04 PM

Big lead going into finish for Blu Moon.
-1:08 PM

Big gap after top 5. Full Medal Jacket and Battle Rhythm coming.
-1:11 PM

Hedgehog is coming in from the left.
-1:11 PM

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-1:23 PM

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-1:33 PM