Fleet is now on the starboard Layline.
-11:35 AM

WTF and Blu Moon look good
-11:36 AM

Pressure is light but teams are hiking with a couple crew
-11:36 AM

Full Throttle and WTF close heading to mark.
-11:37 AM

WTF leads mark 1
-11:38 AM

Big lead for WTF
-11:38 AM

Some current apparent As Audi shoots the mark
-11:40 AM

Beaver yelling at Tramp. Tight tack inside.
-11:41 AM

Change of course for Mark 3
-11:42 AM

New course is 085 shifting left a little.
-11:43 AM

Fleet splitting up a little. A few boats way out on the right. Leaders are mire middle-right
-11:53 AM

Fantastica is looking good now coming up the middle
-11:56 AM

Goombay gybed out too. Leaders are gybed over as well
-12:06 PM

Fleet is split. WTF still on starboard. Heading to finish.
-12:11 PM

Race 7 soon
-12:22 PM

In sequence for race 7
-12:25 PM

Race 7 asap. 32's starting now
-12:25 PM