In sequence for Race 7
-12:35 PM

Tight group on the left look good. Right has a bunch of boats but much more spread out.
-12:36 PM

Fleet is coming up the middle and right. Audi looks good
-12:55 PM

Blu Moon and Hedgehog look to be near the top too
-12:56 PM

Full Medal and Air Force 1 are going well too
-12:58 PM

Big lead for Audi
-12:58 PM

Uka Uka gybed out.
-1:01 PM

Audi gybed early but just a short one.
-1:01 PM

Fleet is starting to gybe now.
-1:02 PM

Everyone is rounding the right gate.
-1:13 PM

Uka Uka almost hit WTF. Looks like a tough race for Uka with a flag already flying.
-1:14 PM

Most of the fleet is heading right.
-1:15 PM

Sea wolf struggling on take down.
-1:18 PM

Audi holding on to their big lead
-1:28 PM

Last race of the day.
-1:28 PM

Flat Stanley having a great race with guest helmsman Henry Filter
-1:30 PM

Leaders have gybed over. Opposite of what the 32's did.
-1:32 PM

Tight finish
-1:42 PM

A great race for Convexity. Hung strong all race.
-1:44 PM

Some great racing. Thanks to our sponsors. Go check them out. Another great day in Key West.
-1:47 PM