Hows does it all work you ask? Simple!

The Landing Page: Displays the most current race information. When you first come to you are shown the last mark rounding or finish of the most current race we are featuring on the home page at that time.

If you would like to switch to a different regatta you can choose from the list of active regattas from the drop down menu called "regattas".

The Live Roundings Button: Displays live results as they happen. You can choose a different race by hovering over this button, or you can choose to see rounds by the mark by clicking on the mark icon for each race.

The Standings Button: This button will show you final results taking into consideration the finishes so far. No more waiting for RC to come in and tally results. Our system does it on the spot as boats finish and round. Results and mark rounds are constantly changing so stay tuned in!

Past Regatta button: Displays all the regattas that have been completed through our system. A current or active regatta will not go here until it's officially completed.

Easy enough? We think so. Please keep in mind, the results you see are not official.